Your Wedding

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Give yourself a Dream Wedding

Cafaggio Primo with his professional staff are pleased to offer you a fairytale wedding in a particularly intimate, reserved location, with surrounding areas completely immersed in nature.

Diamond Wedding Option

- Permit to set up in the days before the wedding
- Overnight in Villa (5 apartments - 9 double beds) for the night of the wedding
- Breakfast for all guests of the villa
- Light lunch based on cold cuts and cheeses for the day following the wedding with drinks included (water or wine), obviously dedicated to those who sleep in the Villa.
- Use of common areas (including all deckchairs, chairs and umbrellas in the pool).
- Night lighting of outdoor spaces and of the swimming pool
- Use of Industrial Kitchen, Barbecue and wood-fired oven for pizzas
- There are no supplements for utilities (water, electricity, etc ...)
- Possibility of setting up all the external and internal spaces
- Possibility of using tables, chairs and gazebos in the structure according to your taste
- Air conditioning in the room and in the common rooms
- Coffee and chocolate in the apartment
- Bed linen and towels
- Final cleaning included

total: € 2300.00

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